Soul Sisters Trunk Show

One of the highlights of working at Myth and Symbol has to be meeting creative people and getting to share their beautiful work with others. When I bought a bowl last year from an event at the craft center, I knew I had to track down whoever made it. By coincidence, Angel happened to come by the shop before I could contact her down and everything came together from there. Soon after, I got to know Anne, her best friend and another local talent. So we brainstormed a little bit and next Saturday, they’ll be at the store with all their goods. If you are around, please come visit before I buy everything!

2nd photo by angel

Here’s a flyer I put together for them. I’m still brushing up doing layout and text, but the doodles were fun!

circus people

My youngest sister Thuy just graduated early from SCAD last month, and she’s been at home working on her portfolio. I’ve been pestering her for the longest time to let me print some of her work. The circus people, one of my favorites, will be available soon. I’ll also post her finished website when the time comes. If anyone is looking for an awesome illustrator/designer she won’t dissapoint.

Thuy’s pinterest || blog


Looking forward to seeing the James Turrell’s Skyspace at Rice.

photos by © Michelle Watson/ via Culturemap

picasso ceramics

Just getting started on the clay unit at school and came across Pablo Picasso’s pottery. Totally inspired by his use of patterns and floored that he created over thousands and thousands of pieces.

source 1,2,3,4

block printing

Each year, during the block printing lesson, I make a new image for my demonstrations so I don’t up pulling the same prints. This time, I was less prepared with my imagery, so I did a quick sketch of my kiddos while they worked (well, at least one of them. The other was daydreaming so I made him stay super still while I drew) Although there a few more chunks missing from it than I would like, I like how it turned out overall.

soixante neuf

Yay! So happy that Soixante Neuf, a comics inspired by Serge Gainsbourg and written by our dear friend Mairead (drawn by David Lansky) was included in this year’s Best American Comics. It got a nice review here. Congrats & happy birthday :)

Cover by Jillian Tamaki.


seeing stars

We took a break from cleaning to view Seeing Stars at the Menil this weekend. I thought this section from the exhibit catalog was a good intro to the show:

The exhibition’s title, taken from the familiar experience of “seeing stars” refers to the physiological anomaly in which the stimulation of the retina by the brain creates the illusion of flashes of light, colors and shapes. Evoking this phenomenon, the works on view suggest that creative vision is perhaps most interesting when one’s eyes are shut to the outside world and inspiration is allowed to well from within.



The room was dimly lit, I’m guessing because with a lot of outsider work they wasn’t archival? Upon entering, I was excited to see a Henry Darger piece in person (a huge 9-foot scroll), but around the wall was the highlight for me, works by Charles A.A. Dellschau, an outsiders artist whose work was discovered in a landfill by a furniture dealer, lost under carpets, and then found by a student at St. Thomas. His combined so much of my favorite things: circus-inspired letter and imagery, watercolor and collage, secret societies, and a fascination with early flight. Read more here.

My other favorite pieces were tattoo drawings by I.E. Requier that also had a touch of circus imagery. Unfortunately, I can’t find anything about the artist online and photos were prohibited at the Menil. I need to remember to go back a few more times before the show ends!


guess who

Guess who? I always find BJ’s sketches of different figures laying around the house – and always on the back of articles/scraps. This one was on the closet floor, staring up at me when I flipped the lights.  I wonder if I can convince him to do these in a sketchbook so I don’t miss any of them.