Summer’s here! Making time to recharge, create, and reflect. And hopefully things won’t be so quiet around here.


picasso ceramics

Just getting started on the clay unit at school and came across Pablo Picasso’s pottery. Totally inspired by his use of patterns and floored that he created over thousands and thousands of pieces.

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liberty of london

One of the perks of not living in a major city or a living on the outskirts of Houston is the fact that I don’t have wrestle other people or wait in long lines for Target collaborations. Of course I’ll take less sprawling strip malls and driving any day, but today I’m focusing on the positive :)


Ta-da! Look what got from Liberty of London for Target. Most of the pieces are gifts, but the tiered platters is going to make it into our reception somehow. My favorite print is on the ceramic jar. I got a little print happy and had to put a few items back like a floral silk tie for BJ. We’ll just have to go back and let him decide (and maybe pick up one or two more things!)

*mmk BJ’s not so much of a fan. Only in moderation then.

laces and faces




Bisque ware demo pieces. I’m not totally sure what color I’ll glaze them, but I’m leaning towards white or transparent. If I can make at least 25 more, maybe they’ll be used as vases for the reception. We’ll see …

Hello, weekend! I love you!

the ones that got away



Super sad I missed out on the the Dream collaboration between Camilla Engman and Karin Eriksson. My favorite piece is Hello You picture above. I love how they managed to create charming and beautiful designs that are still simple- something I find so hard to do!

Studio Violet_Circus Collection

So when I found out that Studio Violet would be releasing another Circus porcelain collection, I had my eyes set on the prize. I made sure I would be available during the 12:00am Switzerland shop update; I memorized the number I wanted; I refreshed the page  constantly 10 minutes before the time. Nothing happened and then SOLD OUT. Whaaaa. There must be some trick to snagging these up?