pick me up

This summer is going by way too fast and we’re getting pretty frustrated that there are way too few hours in the day after we get back from work, make dinner, clean, etc. This +  all of the other things going on has put us in a little funk.

With the school year approaching, I’ve been filling a lot of professional development hours with workshops. Some are not so exciting but still helpful—like the two-day sessions on classroom discipline. And others—like the ones at the MFAH and Glassell—are much more enjoyable and relevant. The sessions were only a few hours each, but I got to dabble in collograph printing, pinhole cameras, enameling, ceramics, and, well, just having some fun. It was just the boost/kick in the butt I needed, and now BJ and I are considering taking an evening class during the school year.

sourpower2Instant pick me up. I used to by these by the strip, but I spied a bulk pack at Candylicious in the Rice Village.

watercolor plate2Our plates and cups seem to be chipping at record rates. I wish I knew how to do something like this.

DSC_0028 2

I tried enameling for the first time and decided to do something simple and not so “art teacher”. You know what I mean?

glassell pinholes 2Yes! Got to go back into the darkroom and learned how to use a paint can as a pinhole camera. The weather and lighting were unpredictable, but I still had fun shooting in the sculpture garden.

work in progress2Working on a few projects and still figuring out my footing.

hah. excuse all the hand shots. not feeling so creative. again.

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