Bedside reading

The deadlines at work are constantly changing and getting back into the routine has been tough, especially since I got so comfortable staying up ’til 2 during the holiday break. To relax, I took a mini break and did a quick pen-and-watercolor drawing of my bedside reading. My Secret Santa gave me the top two. I’m loving them all!

  • Illusive: Contemporary Illustration P.3. A great source of inspiration, featuring some of my favorite illustrators, like Andrew Bannecker and Pietari Posti (pining for one of his posters in the shop)
  • Irving Penn Portraits: Solid reproductions. Iconic. B. waved goodbye to him here. I hope I pick up the camera more this year.
  • On Beauty: I’m so grateful that I got to see Zadie Smith. Now I can hear her voice when I read her words, and it lends them that amusing, charming lightness you find when you listen to her. Yay for $1 Sunday sidewalk sales. I promised BJ I’d finish it since I have bad (not as bad as his. heh) habits of abandoning books halfway.
  • Lula #11: Pleased to see a piece with Jenny Lewis + loved Elle Fanning’s spread. Borders on Kirby has at least 10 copies left & Issues has one or two.

I survived


I survived my third first day of school! Perhaps next year, I’ll remember to load up on cough drops and tea cause my throat is hurtin’. So happy to see familiar faces, not so happy about the huge zit that popped up (Something me and the kids can bond over?).

A few things that have made the day easier: a new haircut after almost a year, surprise back issues of Lula B ordered, a frozen lasagna warming up in the fridge from Trang, and hearing Eastbound & Down playing downstairs.


Hooray for student holidays. I’m about to go into school and work alone in the classroom. We had a very chill weekend—hung out with my family, woke up early Saturday and patted ourselves on the back, tried Chick Fil A’s breakfast (two thumbs up), bought bread, carrots, macaroons, and dark chocolate at the farmer’s market, bbq outside, slept in, went to Easter vigil, bought books, and picked up a copy of Lula at Issues. A few of my favorite pages: