mociun + katy krantz

Austin souvenir. I caved when I saw this Katy Krantz + Mociun piece at Kick Pleat. The beads/objects appear larger in person, but that actually made the necklace appeal to me even more.  For the most part, it’ll hang on my wall like a mini-sculpture because, knowing me, there’s a good chance I’ll slip and break it.

Besides Kick Pleat, Una has the one I got, and Totokaelo has other varieties as well. Wish I could own them all!

Image above  from Una & Totokaelo

Town In the Sky

Town in the Sky

Town in the Sky

Finally! This is my first silk screen in awhile, 2-3 years maybe, and I am so happy that I made myself do it! It doesn’t hurt that my students are working on a similar project as well :). I used drawing fluid instead of burning my sketch on the screen, which made getting little details a bit difficult, but overall I am pleased with how it turned out. The buildings on the top reference personal landscapes and places I’ve lived. BJ and I are still in the middle of setting up his apartment, but I think the print is happy to be next to John Updike (R.I.P.) for now.


photo | Lena Corwin

Photo | Lena Corwin

Mociun Spring 09

Le Château des Pyrénée

René Magritte | Le Château des Pyrénée