I’ve been thinking about what to get my wedding party, and I’ve had my eye on Odette for a while, especially this one for Trang. Another option was to make something with my new soldering torch, but, with school and other planning, I didn’t know if there would be enough time. Just my luck, Gilt Fuse featured Odette today and the sweet deals allowed me to pick up something for almost all of my girls.

Sometimes I wished I lived in New York so I could take classes like these.

some of the best things to receive


Lena Corwin’s Travel Poster from BJ. The mail gods were interfering with our plans to get this poster in our hands, but Lena persevered, and it finally got to us! The poster is basically a tour of European architecture—italicized!


Some of the best things to receive, buy, share are Mike Perry‘s printed works. I snagged Issue #2 (Swimsuit Edition) of Untitled, a zine devoted to his shifting interests. I admire how each element of it—the pictures, clothes, drawings, etc.—belongs to a collaborative effort and one does not outshine the other. Anna’s poetic black-and-white photographs and Mike’s innocent injections of color are the perfect complements.


Untitled Issue # 3 One Photo Shoot


This poster was tucked among the zines as a nice surprise. It looks like a dog-pile of monsters made out of sherbet. I think it’ll go perfectly in my classroom!

Town In the Sky

Town in the Sky

Town in the Sky

Finally! This is my first silk screen in awhile, 2-3 years maybe, and I am so happy that I made myself do it! It doesn’t hurt that my students are working on a similar project as well :). I used drawing fluid instead of burning my sketch on the screen, which made getting little details a bit difficult, but overall I am pleased with how it turned out. The buildings on the top reference personal landscapes and places I’ve lived. BJ and I are still in the middle of setting up his apartment, but I think the print is happy to be next to John Updike (R.I.P.) for now.


photo | Lena Corwin

Photo | Lena Corwin

Mociun Spring 09

Le Château des Pyrénée

René Magritte | Le Château des Pyrénée