new york pt.1

Pictures from our recent trip to NYC. Film to follow.

We tried to cram in as much as we could, but of course, there is still so much to do. Next time. Some highlights: dinner with friends at ABC Kitchen, staying a few days with Beth and celebrating her birthday, the Byzantine and Egyptian section of the Met, Dobbin Mews studio visits, getting roughed up by Snips and lovin’ it, buying goods at the Mociun store, mash potatoes at St. Anselm, Spoonbill and Sugartown, and a ferry ride back to the city before leaving in the wee hours of the morning. Thanks, NYC!


Whew, things should slow down after this weekend and I’ll share more pictures of what I’ve been up to. Last weekend, we had a ton of family in town for my cousin’s wedding and I miss everyone already. I’m also in the middle of preparing my students for their big contest of the year and trying to finish grading for the marking period – all while trying to stay sane. Teenagers, they truly test your patience. Thank god for my student teacher. She has been a lifesaver.

picture of us by my cousin, Thang.

ode to my bed

Hands down the best purchase of last year. The most comfortable and colorful spot in our place where I like to crash, eat, read, watch shows, carve a linoblock and let the shavings all fall on the sheets. BJ claims that on multiple occasions, he came home and found me passed  with an open bag of pita chips by my side. Bad habits, I know. So tempted to take a day off and sleep!



More film…

Things I got my dude for dressing up: chambray shirt, Hill-side floral tie, and Dude No.1 beard oil despite his inability to grow a beard. All of which I can easily borrow, but I promise I wasn’t thinking about it that when I bought them!


Goodbye, winter holiday. You’ve been good. Enjoy Monday off for those of y’all who have an extended break!



toba khedoori

When I was still in school, I mostly encountered artists through lectures, recommendations from professors, books, etc., and it was usually “high art.” Nowadays, illustration dominates my radar, probably due to its prevalence in magazines, blogs, editorials, and the broader excitement about vintage graphic design. But I would like to find time to keep up with painters, photographers, and artists, especially the ones that really resonated with me when I was first introduced to them. Toba Khedoori, for example. I would love to see these pieces in person since scale plays a key role in their reception. Plus it’d be nice to have an excuse for another NYC trip.

images from David Zwirner


get organized

This is what I did all day long, with a mini break to grab bento boxes with BJ and Jeff. All of the kitchen boxes have been unpacked and things are starting to get organized. It’s not completely done yet. We plan on adding another sideboard table, put up a magnetic knife strip, and hang some more art to fill the gaps, but it’s pretty much functional now. I tend to like kitchen spaces where everything is hidden and counters are clear, but we gotta work with what we have and our place is growing on me more and more.

For the kitchen, we got  a lot of organizational things from Ikea, and it has made a huge difference. The sideboard table is sturdy, solid wood and gives us much-needed prep space. The bulletin board holds recipes, keys, and artwork (I found a Chris Ware Thanksgiving print just in time). Above the table, I put up this rail and container. Our move happened pretty quickly, so a lot of the nails were still left on the walls by the previous tenants. It’s actually worked out well, because I can easily hang what we have. I saw a nail on the cabinet near the kitchen sink and the Asker container mounts perfectly. I might get a few more to hold herbs for cooking since there’s a drainage hole at the bottom.

Other small victories: hanging lots of curtains, finally figuring out the weird rack on the pantry door is for lids, getting our first window open (ah! they’re all painted shut), and making a temporary headboard with two chairs. I’ve never used tools as much as I have in the last month and I’ve already learned so much about fixing things up. And it’s actually been fun.* Who would have thought?

Next step: saving up for a dining table, chairs, and fixing the old vent near the stove.

* I did watch a ton of This Old House, Holmes on Homes, and HGTV growing up.