Austin roadtrip

pictures from my iphone and camera of the last few days

I can definitely feel the end of summer break getting closer, and I’m trying to fight off the back to school anxieties (does it ever go away?) Last weekend, BJ and I decided to take a last minute road trip to Austin since we didn’t really do anything for our anniversary earlier in the month and the store was finally finished. It was nice to take a mental break from everything and just relax. We grabbed pizza from Homeslice, walked along South Congress, bought swim trunks at Stag’s, visited Domy and Busy Beings, ordered drinks and small plates from Contigo (I love the crispy green beans), made a midnight food truck stop at East Side Kings, ate some amazing pulled pork tacos at Elaine’s while waiting for our table at Eastside Cafe, and browsed the Barney’s Co-Op on our way back to Houston. I often forget how relatively close we are to Austin, but it was just what we needed. I’m looking forward to going back for Feliz!

checking in

Just checking in. Life has been a little crazy as expected. We wish we were open already, but some construction got behind, and it’s best not to rush things. But by the end of the month, which is so soon, we should/better be up and running. Let’s just say it has been a huge learning experience!

A few things that have kept me a little sane: loading up on Texas peaches (I think I can eat that entire bowl in half a day), watching old Felicity episodes before bed, and lots of encouragement from friends, strangers, and family. Thanks, Mallory for the card and for everyone who has helped us clean up the space, detangled rope, visited, checked in, etc. You guys are the best.

plants plant plants

Guys, I am no plant expert and I have the opposite of a green thumb, but I’m sort of proud that I have kept more than one plant alive! I even snipped off a bud (or whatever that is called) from one plant and repotted it in another container. There have been obstacles though. Aphids have attacked my old basil plant and it seems like my new one has downy mildew. I only know this because I’ve been googling images and reading through forums.

Our balcony is a major eye sore, so I’m hoping to get more plants soon to mask the cage like feel. The hanging planter was easy peasy , and I got the directions from 3191 Quarterly.

This weekend, lots eating highlights: baja shrimp tacos at Torchy’s, breakfast and s’more tacos at Tacos A Gogo, and refreshing drinks and gumbo at Beaver’s.  And, I scored my first Craig’s list purchase – a flat file cabinet that’s doubling as our coffee table. The seller was super sweet and even threw in some handmade paper. First a bed frame, and now a coffee table – we are slowly becoming real adults. Just ignore all the bag of trolli crawlers in every room.


new york pt.1

Pictures from our recent trip to NYC. Film to follow.

We tried to cram in as much as we could, but of course, there is still so much to do. Next time. Some highlights: dinner with friends at ABC Kitchen, staying a few days with Beth and celebrating her birthday, the Byzantine and Egyptian section of the Met, Dobbin Mews studio visits, getting roughed up by Snips and lovin’ it, buying goods at the Mociun store, mash potatoes at St. Anselm, Spoonbill and Sugartown, and a ferry ride back to the city before leaving in the wee hours of the morning. Thanks, NYC!