get organized

This is what I did all day long, with a mini break to grab bento boxes with BJ and Jeff. All of the kitchen boxes have been unpacked and things are starting to get organized. It’s not completely done yet. We plan on adding another sideboard table, put up a magnetic knife strip, and hang some more art to fill the gaps, but it’s pretty much functional now. I tend to like kitchen spaces where everything is hidden and counters are clear, but we gotta work with what we have and our place is growing on me more and more.

For the kitchen, we got  a lot of organizational things from Ikea, and it has made a huge difference. The sideboard table is sturdy, solid wood and gives us much-needed prep space. The bulletin board holds recipes, keys, and artwork (I found a Chris Ware Thanksgiving print just in time). Above the table, I put up this rail and container. Our move happened pretty quickly, so a lot of the nails were still left on the walls by the previous tenants. It’s actually worked out well, because I can easily hang what we have. I saw a nail on the cabinet near the kitchen sink and the Asker container mounts perfectly. I might get a few more to hold herbs for cooking since there’s a drainage hole at the bottom.

Other small victories: hanging lots of curtains, finally figuring out the weird rack on the pantry door is for lids, getting our first window open (ah! they’re all painted shut), and making a temporary headboard with two chairs. I’ve never used tools as much as I have in the last month and I’ve already learned so much about fixing things up. And it’s actually been fun.* Who would have thought?

Next step: saving up for a dining table, chairs, and fixing the old vent near the stove.

* I did watch a ton of This Old House, Holmes on Homes, and HGTV growing up.


We’ve lived in our place for 5 months and this weekend, we put the first two nails in our wall. Finally. Of course there’re still unopened frames and boxes from our last place—and posters and art we keep meaning to hang if we can find the time to remember where they’re stored. I think we’re so used to constantly moving and things changing that it takes some getting used to being settled for a while. Hopefully we can make it our own before the lease is up, eh?

  1. Old painting from college
  2. Cubby organizer from Pottery Barn we bought with a gift card. Still figuring out where to put it and what it’ll hold.

the ones that got away



Super sad I missed out on the the Dream collaboration between Camilla Engman and Karin Eriksson. My favorite piece is Hello You picture above. I love how they managed to create charming and beautiful designs that are still simple- something I find so hard to do!

Studio Violet_Circus Collection

So when I found out that Studio Violet would be releasing another Circus porcelain collection, I had my eyes set on the prize. I made sure I would be available during the 12:00am Switzerland shop update; I memorized the number I wanted; I refreshed the page  constantly 10 minutes before the time. Nothing happened and then SOLD OUT. Whaaaa. There must be some trick to snagging these up?



Colette’s current collaboration is with The Selby, and a few of the homeowners (super-talented people in their own rights) featured on the website were asked to create pieces that would be sold. I love love love the flag necklace by Cheri Messerli of Scout Holiday.


Her home is the perfect combination of cozy and creative, and I love that she designs, illustrates, & styles for a living. It gives me some hope that it is possible to find a way to do everything you are passionate about. Luckily, Trang is going to Paris this month and since she is such a wonderful sister :) , maybe I can convince her to stop by Colette to pick me up some goodies if they aren’t sold out by then.

I’ve been sketching out ideas for a series of flag paintings for about a year now. This necklace was the perfect reminder to keep on going.

Midwest is Best

Chez Perry

Design Sponge looks at the Brooklyn home of Mike Perry, one of our favorite artists. Whether or not you know it, you’ve probably seen his work in the form of his hand-drawn, sweetly childlike hipster typography for the likes of Urban Outfitters and countless magazines. Fitted into every crevice of the house is a mini-gallery. The vibe of the place is comfortable and warm, while staying simple and showcasing good design.

home sweet home

erin wasson at home | photo credit: the selby

I am a huge fan of the NY Times’s The Moment blog, and one of my favorite posts was the feature on The Selby, a magical website that gives us a glimpse into the spaces of creative types. While I do love magazines like Dwell and design*sponge sneakpeaks, I appreciate how chaos and imperfection can be celebrated in The Selby. *gasp* messy floor and mismatched furniture?! Gorgeous.

I just finished watching Silence of the Lambs (half of it spent under the covers asking Trang and BJ for a play by play), and I can’t shake the images and eeriness out of my mind. What a better way to avoid a nightmare then to surf through these rooms and live vicariously through their beauty?

Let’s get BJ to post, eh?