mai and gabe

I finally developed the some of the pictures from Mai and Gabe’s wedding. It was my first time in a wedding party, and I even got to play florist by putting together the flowers for the bride, flower girls, and tables. It was such a busy but fun time! These are less candid than what I usually shoot, but I thought their wedding brought together a more motley and colorfully Texan group than the typical Vietnamese ceremony, and these shots kind of captures it.



Gray, cool days here. Not complaining.

My kiddos did awesome at contest. Now it’s time for a break- counting down to spring break and NYC!

winter has returned

After a week or so of 75+ weather, winter has returned to Houston, which makes me happy because we don’t get enough of it! I just finished up a week of finals, and this 3 day weekend means getting caught up on sleep and planning for the next semester. BJ and I finally went to Baby Barnaby’s for brunch the first time (the line deterred us in the past). So yummy!


Lots of pet time over the past week.

Love Igby, even though she is totally spoiled rotten. And we got a few visits from Luna, the downstairs cat. She snuck up, hung out with us, got stuck between the couch and the wall, and later refused to come out from under the tree.

(Bill’s photos from over 10 years ago)

Happy Birthday, BJ! Wish I was spending your birthday with you.

Right now he’s driving down from Seattle with his brother. I bet the view was been amazing, they even passed through some snow. The next few days are going to be crazy around here as we attempt to pack up and move into our next place in one day. Cross your fingers!


slide film

Bill gave me a roll of slide film to test and the lab finally sent it back after two months! I had forgotten what was on it, but here are some random shots from a while back …

Thanks, Bill!

Portland round 1

Some of my favorites from the first roll. The whole weekend evolved around family with both sides of my family coming and spending the last days with Thuy before she went off to school.

more here.