Pictures from work at the shop today.

My sisters and I worked on one of the windows and we really liked how it turned out, especially when it casts shadows on the walls. BJ is going to hand letter the other window. More pictures soon!

checking in

Just checking in. Life has been a little crazy as expected. We wish we were open already, but some construction got behind, and it’s best not to rush things. But by the end of the month, which is so soon, we should/better be up and running. Let’s just say it has been a huge learning experience!

A few things that have kept me a little sane: loading up on Texas peaches (I think I can eat that entire bowl in half a day), watching old Felicity episodes before bed, and lots of encouragement from friends, strangers, and family. Thanks, Mallory for the card and for everyone who has helped us clean up the space, detangled rope, visited, checked in, etc. You guys are the best.

sample sale

One of my favorite dresses from Cacharel in the Steven Alan’s sample sale. I saw it a few months ago and fell in love with the print. But I’m going to just admire from afar and pick up some basics for work. Wouldn’t it make a nice party dress?

I recently got the dresses below (now marked down ever further) on my last trip to NY, and they’re super comfortable and versatile. My older SA pieces have held up really well over the years, so I try to add a few pieces every now and then into my wardrobe.


A few outtakes from the last roll. Between navigating buildout hiccups and the less fun details of starting a business, BJ and I took a break to shoot a few items of M&S stock in the MFAH sculpture garden and around the house. I always have an easier time shooting film than digital, although I know it’s not always a feasible option.

A big thank you to Ameet and my sister for handling a lot of the buildout (especially while we’re away) and BJ for being a patient stand-in model and taking the photos. In the future, I probably will be the one behind the camera—I looked so awkward in most of the unused shots!