guess who

For the past month, we’ve been working on pages  for a zine. This time, we want to use other means of reproduction like woodcuts, but here’s a sneak peak of one of my pieces. Can you guess who?


I’m hoping we can have all 10 completed before next month, but everything has been hectic around here! This project has helped me destress, so it has already been worth it.  And we’ve been brainstorming about the next Riley zine. I think it’s going to be pretty sweet.

My five musicians

  1. ________
  2. Cat Power
  3. Bon Iver
  4. David Bowie
  5. Bob Dylan

BJ’s five (newly feminized)

  1. Townes Van Zandt
  2. Lil Wayne
  3. Lou Reed Althea & Donna
  4. John Coltrane M.I.A.
  5. Neil Young Debbie Harry

some of the best things to receive


Lena Corwin’s Travel Poster from BJ. The mail gods were interfering with our plans to get this poster in our hands, but Lena persevered, and it finally got to us! The poster is basically a tour of European architecture—italicized!


Some of the best things to receive, buy, share are Mike Perry‘s printed works. I snagged Issue #2 (Swimsuit Edition) of Untitled, a zine devoted to his shifting interests. I admire how each element of it—the pictures, clothes, drawings, etc.—belongs to a collaborative effort and one does not outshine the other. Anna’s poetic black-and-white photographs and Mike’s innocent injections of color are the perfect complements.


Untitled Issue # 3 One Photo Shoot


This poster was tucked among the zines as a nice surprise. It looks like a dog-pile of monsters made out of sherbet. I think it’ll go perfectly in my classroom!