Austin roadtrip

pictures from my iphone and camera of the last few days

I can definitely feel the end of summer break getting closer, and I’m trying to fight off the back to school anxieties (does it ever go away?) Last weekend, BJ and I decided to take a last minute road trip to Austin since we didn’t really do anything for our anniversary earlier in the month and the store was finally finished. It was nice to take a mental break from everything and just relax. We grabbed pizza from Homeslice, walked along South Congress, bought swim trunks at Stag’s, visited Domy and Busy Beings, ordered drinks and small plates from Contigo (I love the crispy green beans), made a midnight food truck stop at East Side Kings, ate some amazing pulled pork tacos at Elaine’s while waiting for our table at Eastside Cafe, and browsed the Barney’s Co-Op on our way back to Houston. I often forget how relatively close we are to Austin, but it was just what we needed. I’m looking forward to going back for Feliz!


Some outtakes from the M & S web shoot and bits and pieces from New York.


around the shop

Some sketches I did while at the shop today for fun. (My scanner doesn’t pick up on the lighter colors.) Trying to get in the habit of drawing more and experiment with different styles.



grand opening

I put together some doodles similar to the drawings my sisters and I did on the windows for our grand opening flyers. I couldn’t decide between the two so we made different versions. Come by and visit us! I’ll be working in the summers, and once the school year starts up, I’ll be there in the evenings and weekends. Store interior shots and maybe a video to come for all our friends and family outside of Houston.